Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be the most traumatic ordeal a home or business owner could experience. Our job is to help victims of a fire recover from their nightmare. Fire and smoke restoration is not a simple task and it takes years of expertise and knowledge to professionally bring your home or business back to life.

CRS Australia employee removing fire damage on brick wall

Damage Caused by Fire

Fire damage restoration can be a large process, which is reliant on several factors. Some examples are, the temperature of the fire and the smoke movement throughout the building which will determine the area and magnitude of the damage. As smoke being a gas that is free to roam, it can penetrate through the smallest areas and as such, it can often cause second hand damage that was not directly burnt during the original fire.

Property/home owners should never make an attempt to do the fire damage cleanup themselves. As easy as it looks, fire damage restoration requires a lot of experience and expertise to do the job properly and correctly. Improper cleaning may result in permanent discolouration i.e. carpet and walls and may cause further post-secondary damages. Contents Restorations and Services Australia offers Fire Restoration Services. Contact us today!

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About Us

CRS offer both Water & Fire damage restoration services in both domestic and commercial situations. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality results with a minimum job life cycle, and are available 24/7. 

CRS are also committed to providing outstanding client service and at all times try to exceed expectations for customer care.